Screenshot 1
0780 0eff 0780 C ... AC1 MONITOR
202: [OUTCH, INCH, PRST7] rst20: [OUTHL, OUTHX]
Verwendete IO-Ports bzw. Hardware:
02 [R/W] Systemport: Tonausgabe, Toneingabe
Das Monitorprogramm A aaaa bbbb c (Arithmetik) B aaaa (Breakpoint) C aaaa bbbb cccc (Compare) D aaaa bbbb (Display Memory; Dump) E aaaa (Execute Machine Programm) F aa bb ce dd ... nn (Find String) G (Go on) I (Initialize) J aaaa (Jump) L aaaa ± (Load from Cassette) M aaaa (Modify Memory) P aaaa bbbb cc (Pattern) R XX (Register Display/Modify) S aaaa bbbb cccc name (Save to Cassette) T aaaa bbbb cccc (Transfer) V (Verify with Cassette) Z