3000 3ef9 0000 I ... ZAP.COM DOC
0 release R1.4,   serial # ZP0000C0
 copyright (c) 1980, phase four software inc.

 operating system ==> cp/m 2.0+ 


                      PM   = primary menu
                      FM   = file menu
                      MM   = miscellaneous menu
                      SM   = special functions menu

                      CS   = configure system for ZAP80

                      LM,<?>,<help>   = redisplay this menu 

                    ZAP80  Primary  Menu

 AP   = ascii patch
 HI   = step head in,read logon sector &> display
 HO   = step head out,read logon sector &> display
 HP   = hex patch
 LM   = display list of menus
 NS,RS= read next skew sector
 PS   = read previous skew sector
 RC,RL= read sector given by current logon parameters &> display
 RN,NL= read next logon sector
 RP,PL= read previous logon sector
 SD   = select drive
 SS   = set sector
 ST   = set track
 WL   = write contents of screenbuf to sector given by current logon parameters
<cr>  = read next file sector if open, else next logon sector
<bs>  = read previous file sector if open, else previous logon sector 

                    ZAP80  File  Menu

F<sp>,F<=>,F<:>   = open  file
F<cr>,FE          = close file
FA   = read random file sector containing specified address
FB   = set file base address (def=100h; can be set in system configuration)
FC   = compare two files
FD   = display file directory
FI   = find a string within a file (file search)
FO   = open file address for patching
FR   = read random file sector by logical sector number
FS   = file search (same as FI)
FW   = write contents of screenbuf to sector given by current file parameters

PM   = primary menu
MM   = miscellaneous menu
SM   = special functions menu 

                    ZAP80  Miscellaneous Menu

 EN,Q = exit to o/s (end,quit)
 CD   = copy drive <x> to drive <y> (track to track)
 CF   = compare two files
 CL   = clear &> restart
^D    = toggle density (note: uses ZAP80 sector translation tables)
 DF   = display file control block (fcb)
 DM   = display memory
 DP   = display current file &> logon parameters
 DS   = display current contents of screenbuf
^F    = fill temporary buffer with a hex character
 GB   = get temporary buffer &> display
 GI   = get 128 byte buffer of E5's (initbuf) &> display
 ID   = initialize drive <x> with E5's (directory or data tracks)
 LD   = load a COM file on disk at default file base address &> execute
 LM   = display list of menus
^P    = set list device on
 PB   = put contents of screenbuf into temporary buffer
^Q    = set list device off
^C,RD = reset disk system 

                    ZAP80  Special  Functions  Menu

 SF   = set first sector # (def=1; can be set to 0 in system configuration)
<lf>  = read next logon sector (same as RN)
<ro>  = read previous logon sector (same as RP)
<+>   = read next skew sector (same as NS)
<->   = read previous skew sector (same as PS)

Cursor controls for hex and ascii patch
<esc> = end patch                     ^W  = cursor home (within patch block)
  ^E  = cursor up one row             ^R  = cursor top (within patch block)
  ^S  = cursor left one character     ^A  = cursor left, end of line
  ^D  = cursor right one character    ^F  = cursor right end of line
  ^X  = cursor down one row           ^C  = cursor bottom (within patch block)

Special functions for comparing files (FC/CF commands)
<esc> or ^S    = Break (interrupt the compare); can be followed by:
          E    = end compare &> display current # of differences found
        SF/CF  = set/cancel file parameter display
        SD/CD  = set/cancel display of sectors
        SS/CS  = set/cancel stop when differences are found in a sector